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Matt Walsh

Hi, I'm Matt. I'm a Harvard Law graduate, 179 LSAT, and the founder of LSAT Cracked, your comprehensive skills-based approach to LSAT mastery. In 2008, I started with a practice score in the 150’s and after dedicating around 3 months of my life to deconstructing the LSAT and improving to a 179, I changed the trajectory of my career and life. I want to help you do the same. Reach out and get in touch today.

LSAT Cracked Approach

LSAT Cracked is the only LSAT course that directly identifies the exact skills you’re currently missing that an LSAT writer cares about. Stop wasting time repeating the same mistakes, and start unlocking your future career.

Mass-market LSAT courses operate on a standard business model: license 8,000 questions, overwhelm you with hundreds of hours of videos, and expect you to see the patterns for yourself. LSAT Cracked is different.

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Our students
love us

Matt provided me with both one-on-one tutoring and a full course of materials designed to boost my score through quality rather than quantity-based content.”

Alberto. 176, +9 points
Within a few weeks of tutoring I scored a 172 on my LSAT and achieved my goal of getting into a top-10 school with a scholarship.

Gaby. 172, +12 points
Compared to the surface-level methods of some of the textbooks I used before, Matt’s methodology to solving problems was deeply nuanced and very easy to understand.

Payton. 175, +15 points
Matt’s approach completely shifted my mindset. I wish I had started with Matt and his prep method before using other test prep methods.

Cattarina. 164, +26 points
The LSAT Cracked process helped me understand my mistakes rather than be frustrated by them.

Sean. 172, +23 points
Matt had a way of showing me how to simplify the content of questions so I could understand them very clearly. Other online resources seem to assume you know what they are talking about.

Tatiana. 173, +8 points

Our Packages

"The Self-Starter"

$ 3,000 save $500
  • Access to the full LSAT Cracked Course
  • Weekly VIP office hours access for 4 months
  • Perfect students wanting structure
  • Weekly accountability

The Insider

$ 5,000 save $1,000
  • Everything in the "Self-Starter" plus:
  • Plus 10 hours of private coaching with a 99th percentile (172+) LSAT Cracked Tutor
  • Perfect for students wanting a custom roadmap for their LSAT progress
  • The best option for most students
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The Executive

$ 10,000
  • Everything in the "Insider" plus:
  • 5 private coaching sessions with Matt
  • Generally appropriate for students already scoring 165-170 and aiming for 172+
  • Extremely limited—contact me.


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